In principle, the judgments of the Constitutional Court mention the identity of the parties concerned. The constitutional guarantee of the publicity of the administration of justice may be derogated from only on well-founded grounds of protection of privacy.

In accordance with article 30quater of the Special Act of 6 January 1989 on the Constitutional Court, any interested party or third party may submit a request for anonymization to prevent their identification in a judgment of the Constitutional Court.

A reasoned request for anonymization may be addressed to the Court at any time, even by simple letter. In order to guarantee the optimal protection of personal data and for the smooth running of the proceedings, however, it is advisable that the parties already make this request formally as soon as they submit their application or as soon as they submit their first pleading.

The parties or interested third parties must specify the impact that the publication of the judgment may have on them and must explain how such publicity could affect their privacy.

When taking his decision, the President must take account of the explanations provided by the party or third party concerned. If the President grants the request, he will also decide on the measures to be taken which are most appropriate to protect the party or third party concerned from identification.