The Constitutional Court has a media unit. This unit, consisting of a registrar and four legal secretaries, is responsible for the Court's relations with the press. The members of the media unit are not spokespersons of the Court.

The media unit drafts press releases on judgments that the Court considers particularly important or likely to be of interest to the population. These press releases consist of a summary of the judgments. Because of their nature, press releases do not contain the reasoning developed in the judgments, nor the specific nuances of each judgment.

It is not the role of the media unit to comment on the Court's judgments or to provide legal advice.

The Court also communicates via X (@ConstCourtBE) and LinkedIn. The Court's accounts, managed by the media unit, are mainly used for posting about certain judgments and for publishing press releases. They are also used to give useful information about the Court's functioning.

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Neither press releases nor posts are binding the Court.

Contact persons for the press:


Legal secretary, (NL)



Legal secretary, (FR)



Registrar, General media coordination, (NL)


Thomas LEYS

Legal secretary, (NL-EN)



Legal secretary, (FR)