41. Temporary solidarity contribution payable by the oil sector

  • Referring judgment of the Constitutional Court : 46/2024 ( Cause list number: 7942 ) of 25/04/2024
  • Notice in the Official Journal not yet available
  • Advocate General's Opinions not yet available
  • Judgment of the Court of Justice not yet delivered
  • Judgment of the Constitutional Court not yet delivered

40. Tax transparency within the European Union II (Belgian Association of Tax Lawyers and Others v Premier ministre/ Eerste Minister)

39. Transitional rules on the Firearms Act (— Défense Active des Amateurs d'Armes ASBL, NG, WL v Conseil des ministres)

38. Tax transparency within the European Union I (Orde van Vlaamse Balies, IG, Belgian Association of Tax Lawyers, CD, JU v Vlaamse Regering)

37. Regional tax on tourist accommodation establishments - Airbnb (Airbnb Ireland UC v Région de Bruxelles-Capitale)

36. Processing of passenger information ( Ligue des droits humains v Conseil des ministres)

35. Immigration law and protection of public order and national security (Ordre des barreaux francophones et germanophone, Association pour le droit des Étrangers ASBL, Coordination et Initiatives pour et avec les Réfugiés and Étrangers ASBL, Ligue des Droits de l'Homme ASBL, Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen ASBL v Conseil des ministres)

34. Dock work (Middlegate Europe NV v Ministerraad)

33. Prohibition of un-stunned slaughter of animals (Centraal Israëlitisch Consistorie van België and Others, Unie Moskeeën Antwerpen VZW and Islamitisch Offerfeest Antwerpen VZW, JG and KH, Executief van de Moslims van België and Others, Coördinatie Comité van Joodse Organisaties van België. Section belge du Congrès juif mondial et Congrès juif européen VZW and Others, intervening parties: LI, Vlaamse regering, Waalse regering, Kosher Poultry BVBA and Others and Centraal Israëlitisch Consistorie van België and Others, Global Action in the Interest of Animals VZW (GAIA))

32. Tax on stock exchange transactions (Anton van Zantbeek VOF; other party: Ministerraad)

31. Contract of legal expenses insurance ( Orde van Vlaamse balies, Ordre des barreaux francophones et germanophone v Ministerraad)

30. Collection and retention of data in the electronic communications sector (Ordre des barreaux francophones et germanophone, Académie Fiscale ASBL, UA, Liga voor Mensenrechten ASBL, Ligue des Droits de l'Homme ASBL, VZ, WY, XX v Conseil des ministres)

29. Public procurement (P. M., N. G.d.M., P. V.d.S. v Ministerraad)

28. VAT liability chiropractors, osteopaths and plastic surgeons (Belgisch Syndicaat van Chiropraxie and Others)

27. Nuclear power (Inter-Environnement Wallonie asbl, Bond Beter Leefmilieu Vlaanderen vzw v Conseil des ministres)

26. State guarantee cooperative societies (Paul Vervloet and Others, Organisme voor de financiering van pensioenen Ogeo Fund, Gemeente Schaarbeek, Frédéric Ensch Famenne v Ministerraad; intervening parties: Arcofin CVBA and Others)

25. Fairness Tax (X; other party: Ministerraad)

24. Value added tax regarding services provided by lawyers (Ordre des barreaux francophones et germanophone and Others v Conseil des ministres)

23. Universal service relating to electronic communications networks and services II (KPN Group Belgium NV and Mobistar NV v Ministerraad)

22. Benefits for disabled people (Mohamed M'Bodj v Conseil des ministres)

21. Tax on the conversion of bearer securities (Isabelle Gielen v Ministerraad)

20. Additional contribution on capital income (Guy Kleynen v Council of Ministers)

19. Retail closing day (Pelckmans Turnhout NV v Walter Van Gastel Balen NV and Others)

18. Private investigators (Institut professionnel des agents immobiliers (IPI) v Geoffrey Englebert, Immo 9 SPRL, Grégory Francotte)

17. Green certificates (I.B.V & Cie SA (Industrie du bois de Vielsalm & Cie SA) v Walloon Region)

16. Facilities for elderly people (Fédération des maisons de repos privées de Belgique (Femarbel) ASBL v Commission communautaire commune)

15. Electronic communications (Belgacom SA, Mobistar SA, KPN Group Belgium SA (formerly "Base") v Etat belge)

14. Land and real estate policy bis (nv All Projects & Developments and Others)

13. Land and real estate policy (Eric Libert, Christian Van Eycken, Max Bleeckx, Syndicat national des propriétaires et copropriétaires (ASBL), Olivier de Clippele v Flemish Government)

12. Biofuel (Belgische Petroleum Unie VZW and Others v Belgische Staat)

11. Environmental assessment (Inter-Environnement Bruxelles ASBL, Pétitions-Patrimoine ASBL, Atelier de Recherche et d'Action Urbaines ASBL v Government of the Brussels-Capital Region)

10. Environmental consents (Marie- Noëlle Solvay and Others v Walloon Region)

9. European arrest warrant II (I.B. v Conseil des ministres)

8. Equal treatment between men and women (Association Belge des Consommateurs Test-Achats ASBL, Yann van Vugt, Charles Basselier v Conseil des ministres)

7. Universal service relating to electronic communications networks and services I (Base NV, Euphony Benelux NV, Mobistar NV, Uninet International NV, T2 Belgium NV and KPN Belgium NV v Ministerraad)

6. Access to higher education (Nicolas Bressol and Others and Céline Chaverot and Others v Gouvernement de la Communauté française)

5. Care insurance (Government of the French Community, Walloon Government v Flemish Government)

4. Money laundering (Ordre des barreaux francophones et germanophones, Ordre français des avocats du barreau de Bruxelles, Ordre des barreaux flamands and Ordre néerlandais des avocats du barreau de Bruxelles v Conseil des ministres)

3. European arrest warrant I (Advocaten voor de Wereld VZW v Leden van de Ministerraad)

2. Bird protection (H. Clerens against Walloon Region)

1. Training in general medical practice (Fédération Belge des Chambres Syndicales de Médecins ASBL v Flemish Government, Government of the French Community, Council of Minister)