Present organization


  • Born in Turnhout on 16 April 1956
  • Master’s degree in law (Ghent University, 1979) and doctor in law (Ghent University, 1997)
  • Lawyer with the non-profit associations Woonfonds Gent and Brusselse Buurtwerken (1979-1982); legal secretary at the Constitutional Court (1985-2000); councillor at the Council of State (2000-2001)
  • Research assistant (full-time 1983-1985; part-time 1985-1989), teaching assistant (1989-1991), academic consultant (1991-1992), visiting professor (1992- 1998), lecturer (since 1998) and full professor in environmental law at Ghent University; Director of the Centre for Environmental and Energy Law (since 1 January 2000); member of the Federal Council for Sustainable Development (since 1 May 1997); President of the working group on product standards of that Council; former Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Environmental Law, and President of the EU Forum of Judges for the Environment
  • Appointed Judge to the Constitutional Court by Royal Decree of 19 January 2001