1. Electronic litigation

The Special Act of 4 April 2014 amending the Special Act of 6 January 1989 on the Constitutional Court makes it possible to introduce electronic litigation (article 78b of the special act of 6 January 6 1989). The Court has opted for a secure electronic platform, which offers an equivalent to the traditional registered mail. The entry into force of the platform will be determined by royal decree.

2. The Court connects via Jbox to the e-box of the Department of Justice

Registries and lawyers can send their documents digitally via this web application. In accordance with the Royal Decree of 16 June 2016, proof is provided via the Jbox that the electronic shipment has arrived at the addressee. The Jbox, which is connected to the e-box network of Justice, has the legal value of a registered mail. The recipient will receive an email notifying them that a shipment has arrived. A shipment via Jbox therefore has the same value as a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

3. Notification to and by the authorities

The Jbox will also be made available to the authorities that are notified of the cases submitted to the Court. These are the Federal Council of Ministers, the Community and Regional Governments and the Speakers of the respective legislative assemblies. They can use the Jbox in their communication with the Court in cases in which they intervene.